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As a HR consultant at Utilities Co, you have been asked by Maree Davis, HR manager at Utilities Co to prepare a report regarding the situation. Your report should address:

What are the HR implications of the CEO’s announcement to lay off 120 staff? Are any of these implications surprising to you?

What are the OHS concerns that arose in response to the announcement for (a) staff in general and (b) Maree in particular? How did the organisation, and Maree, deal with these concerns?

What are the equity issues that were raised by the redundancies? What are the risk implications for the organisation?

What is the impact of industrial action on the company? Is there an alternative approach the union could have adopted to protect jobs?

How should the decision to lay off a significant number of staff have been communicated to staff and managers? How should it have been implemented?

Why did Maree resign from her job as HR manager? Would you have done the same?

(Stone, Raymond. Managing Human Resources, 3rd Edition. John Wiley & Sons Australia, p. 589).

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