consulting report for a management problem of a selected company! custom essay

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1 Background
This assignment is designed to give you an opportunity to summarise your findings and recommendations for a selected company.
2 Task
You are required to produce a management (consultancy) report dealing with
particular aspect of the strategic management in company visited. The length of the
report should be between 8000 – 10000 words (excluding appendices).
To complete the assignment you will need to:
? Collect information by using study materials, discussions with senior
managers of the company and also with your colleagues.
? Organise, evaluate and synthesise your information in a way that allows you
to gain insight and understanding what is happening and which should be
further development in the company.
? Prepare a report that shows insight and understanding of your topic.
3 Assessment Criteria
? Your ability to interpret information and translate your observations into a
practical and meaningful exercise. ? Skill of analysis and your ability to gain meaningful understanding of the
complex issues surrounding the given business.
? Conclusions and recommendation.
? Ability to use adequate literature to explain and justify applied theoretical
concepts in given conditions.
? Quality of written report (e.g. presentation, structure, use of English, fitness
of purpose).

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