Consumer Behavior in Mega Events Academic Essay

Religion, tourism and events Consumer Behavior in Mega Events Introduction Religion and tourism have been intertwined for centuries as the former has been the primary motivator for the latter. Any people, places and events with religious underpinnings meaningful to a particular type of worship has spurred mass religious pilgrimages as people scramble to experience their spirituality up close in an authentic experience. Some of the worlds religions that have this kind of effect on followers include Islam, Judaism, and Roman Catholicism, while quasi-religious factions like Hinduism, Mormonism, Buddhism, Sikhism, the New Age Movement, and the spiritual philosophies of East Asia have also spurred pilgrimages (Olsen and Timothy, 2006). Mega-events like the Olympics and the World Cup have seen an increase in travel to the host country. Choice of destination for most tourists is influenced by some factors proposed in various models. Natural and man-made disasters have not been able to curtail the rapid growth of tourism. Emerging tourist destinations like the United Arab Emirates and outbound tourism from China and India have also taken the market by storm. Tourism and mega-events that are both religious and non-religious in nature are very connected. Religious destinations continue to thrive on tourism, for example, Rome and Jerusalem. Most Islamic countries continue to wary of tourists because of the immorality that abounds from such activity. Tourism in such places has been left behind regarding growth. The emergence of the New Age Movement has seen an increase in annual travelers looking to find that spiritual moment to define their lives. The religions of East Asia continue to spread in the West ads more and more people begin searching for the meaning of life. A conceptual framework has revealed the relationship between variables that determine the choice of destination for different tourists. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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