Continuous Improvements and Value Stream Mapping Academic Essay

Paper detailsISCOM/472 Lean EnterprisePaper: Continuous Improvements and Value Stream Mapping(Past papers involve DMAIC tools/techniques and Six Sigma)New Belgium Brewing Company has taken some process improvement categories into retrospect so that the results can berewarding and achieved. Most of the information being tracked was still being done manually by hand and on paper whichfrustrated the operators because there was an immense amount of time being spent on this one task. The based batchingsystem being used was not performing at its full potential. Not only that, but cleaninplaceinformation was not alsoavailable to be readily accessed. Quality control was also being performed by hand, which slowed down the operationwhere the most vital part of the product couldnt be compromised. The need to increase accuracy, the time needed todecrease the data input and the limitation of paper documents needed new means to be improved. Improving inventorymanagement and training along with a new system would benefit both managers and operatorsTeam Paper: Complete the (2) bullets below for the paper. Explain the metrics and processes your team will use to monitor and sustain your planned improvements. Develop the metrics to quantify the level of improvement in your selected processes.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Use a minimum of 1 referenceUsing company: New Belgium Brewing Company, Inc.500 Linden StreetFort Collins, CO 80524United StatesStock symbol (NBBC)Web site: PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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