Contract Law Academic Essay

Principles of Contract Law COURSEWORK: In celebration of the upcoming 2016 Rio Olympics, the Mayor of Sheraton in conjunction with the local news paper the Sheraton Daily Examiner decided to hold a race whereby anyone running from Sheraton Town Hall to Nelsons Column in Trafalgar Square, London would be paid ?500. The race will commence at 10.00 a.m. on Monday 1st August, covering a distance of 20 miles and the winner would be paid ?25,000. The competition was widely advertised in the Sheraton Daily Examiner and the purpose behind the event was to promote sport and healthy living in the community. Annie decided to enter the competition and duly arrived at the town hall at 10.00 am ready to start the race. At the start of the race at 10.00am Imran was out for his usual morning run and seeing the other runners decided to join in. Imran had not seen the advert for the race in the newspaper. As the runners, with Imran in the lead, approached the finishing post their attention was drawn to a notice set up by the Sheraton Daily Examiner saying that the prize money had been withdrawn and congratulating the runners on being healthy. Advise Annie and Imran if they are entitled to claim the prize money. Would it have made any difference if the Mayor and newspaper had placed a revocation advert in the local Sunday newspaper? Notes:- 1- footnotes. 2- make the explanation clear and understandable. 3- use OSCOLA referencing and please put books and online journals to support the case.

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