Corporate Governance in an International Context custom essay

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Assessment brief: Internationally, codes of corporate governance make recommendations on board structure and composition. Your task is to critically review the theoretical and empirical literature on the link between board structure & composition and firm performance. Your report should include the following:

a)An introduction to the domain of corporate governance and its importance to organisations.

b)A review of theoretical and empirical papers on 1) the proportion of non-executive directors and 2) CEO/chairperson duality and 3) boards diversity on firms’ performance.

c)A summary of other board characteristics that may enhance firms’ ability to be successful internationally.

d)A conclusion in which you put forward recommendations on how best to structure and compose a board to enhance firm performance.

notes to be considered:

1-Comparison of definitions of corporate governance and why are there so many definitions of corporate governance?

2-Context: EU consultation on European Corporate Governance asks questions on board composition, leadership and international diversity.

3-Critically assess the extent to which there is divorce between ownership and control on large companies.

4-Critically evaluate the role of executive compensation in corporate governan E.g agency theory, Managerial entrenchment theory , Institutional theory and other theories .Boards of directors: composition, roles, tasks, behaviours and board effectiveness.

example of diversities
1-Firm-specific knowledge
2-General business and functional knowledge
3-Board process knowledge
4-Relational knowledge
5-Competence related to personality
6-Negotiation skills
7-Ownership skills

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