Corporate Responsibility Presentation Instructions Essay

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For this assessment you need to choose a company you have access to and research its corporate responsibilities, behaviors, policies and procedures and show where they have met their corporate responsibilities and where they can improve. The teacher said we can chose any company, restaurant café ,any thing I prefer a company in abu dhabi UAE and I was thinking about the café in our college (starbucks).

course name: Ethics in the global community

Before the presentation:

3 days before your presentation you must submit to your teacher:

  • The PowerPoint presentation you intend to use.
  • A summary of any additional materials you plan to use.
  • A 1 page summary showing your key points as follows:
    • Company Overview
    • Departmental Overview (where appropriate)
    • List of key areas covered by the company for their corporate responsibility
    • List of key areas to be improved
    • Reference List


At the presentation:

Your presentation should last no longer than 10 minutes with 5 minutes allowed for questions, and contain a minimum of 6 slides showing:

A Company overview – if you have chosen a very large company you may focus on one department only, in this case you must also do a departmental overview.

What areas does the company operate corporate responsible behavior; clearly describe the behavior, relate the class theory and why the behavior fits the theory.  You should cover at least 2 areas in detail.

What areas of corporate responsibility could the company/department improve; clearly describe the area for improvement, relate to class theory and state why the improvement is required along with the resulting benefits that would be enjoyed as a result. You should cover at least 2 areas in detail.

A reference list  that shows what sources you used.  During the presentation you should state why you chose these resources.

You should also be ready to answer at least 2 questions from the floor.

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