Corporate Tax Structure and its System in Singapore Custom Essay

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This Assignment 2 involves investigation into an issue (or problem, area of concern or opportunity) and analysing the data to find some type of answers or recommendations. In so doing, they cannot simply cut and paste facts and figures but must apply them to the issue (as stated in previous writing – Order No.73668517-Chapter 1). This application should therefore ‘add value’ ie it should show the ‘voice of the student’ in the assignment.

Students should note that the resource process expected for this report is a) the presentation of secondary data directly relevant to your topic, and b) the processing of this data in such a way that you will resolve the issue you have identified in the topic. As examples, process b) could be comparisons, categorisations, tabulations, case study analysis, or the application of theory to practice etc. It is important that this processing ?adds value? to existing knowledge and understanding.

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