Country Entry Risk Assessment Essay

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The paper will be a Country Entry Risk Assessment for a country and product of the student’s choice. I have already selected the country and product as follows: Country: I chose Rwanda as the country in which I would like to introduce the product. Rwanda is currently very promising for attracting foreign investments. With a GDP growth rate at an impressive 11,2% for 2008, Rwanda received recognition for being one of the safest and most transparent countries to do business in despite being a poor African country that was devastated by war and a mass-killing genocide in mid-1990. In fact, Rwanda was ranked in the top 20 global reformers in the Doing Business 2009 Report published by the World Bank (The World Bank, 2010). Product: Undersea fiber optic cable for faster and cheaper internet connections. Rwanda is a landlocked country that has many untapped potential in all levels of technology. Presently, the region depends largely on expensive satellite infrastructure to connect to the rest of the world and Rwandans rely on these costly satellite systems to carry voice and data services. It is predicted that telecommunications costs could go down by as much as 60 percent as the cost of bandwidth will significantly drop. High speed data solutions, especially the Internet are expected with the increased bandwidth. I have attached a word document outlining all of the details and guidelines needed for the paper. Please adhere to these instructions ONLY.

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