Course Work Essay

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Course Work: Please make sure that each section is completed in APA style. Use citations where needed. Examples will be uploaded as a extra resource. These assignments will be turned into, so please make sure everything is original. This is steps to completing a research paper so do not put them all together. Please label each section separately.

A. Create a set of grids (or graphic depiction) that compares/contrasts the following:

1. Traditional versus action research
2. Various types of action research (could be participatory, practical, collaborative, teacher, school-wide, district-wide)
3. Quantitative versus qualitative research (strengths/weaknesses)

B. Share your project idea (background, problem statement, and purpose statement) with your colleagues. (My Idea: Something related to the issues of paying to play sports in interscholastic athletics)( 50-100 words)

C. Develop an idea for a research project using the following steps:
1.Complete the �How to Identify a Project Grid� found in the Uploads.
You can add components 2-4 of this activity to this template and submit as one document.
2. Write a problem statement (3-4 paragraphs that are connected to the literature).
3. Write a purpose statement (2-3 sentences).
4. Write associated (3-5) research questions.

D. Complete an abstracted outline on the topic identified in (C). You must have at least 4 main headers and at least 2 sub headers in each section.

E. Identify the data collection processes you would use in the project you discussed in (C). Explain why these data collection processes would be appropriate. (75-100 words)

F. Investigate various methods for collecting data in a research project and prepare a 3- 4 pages discussing:
1. The pros and cons of each method
2. The selection of a data collection process that would address the project outlined in (C) and the rationale supporting this selection
3. An outline of a data analysis strategy.

G. What would be meaningful and useful to you (as an education practitioner) in a research report? Why? What suggestions do you have regarding reporting to ensure that the findings would be put to use? (75-100 words)

H. Choose ONE of the studies in Creswell Chapter 11, 12, or 13 and Complete the Checklist for Evaluating the Process of a Quantitative Study

Choose ONE of the studies in Creswell Chapter 14, 15, or 16 and Complete the Checklist for Evaluating the Process of a Qualitative Study. NOTE: The Checklists templates are located in your Additional Resources. You should respond to EACH question, provide a rationale, examples when appropriate, and connect to the literature to support your comments. (Use google books as a search engine or try to search the chapters.

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