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I am expected to submit a Portfolio in which I will examine a particular policy area from various perspectives. This will be assessed using the following criteria:

• Focus on a policy question;
• Reference to, and understanding of, the relevant political and/or economic perspectives
• Evaluation of the policy with reference to available evidence

The portfolio consists of a collection of documents about a policy area together with a short report in which you discuss alternative political-economic approaches to the policy you have chosen and evaluate these perspectives, using the evidence in the portfolio.

Steps to take

1. Select a policy area, a social or economic problem that exists, that you would like to deal with. Examples could be: poverty, inequality (national or international), poor/lack of education or health, unemployment, pollution, other environmental issues; or more strictly economic areas which have a social impact, such as inflation, trade, sustainable development. These are examples – you may want to choose something else or look at one aspect of one of these examples – such as child poverty, children of immigrants, child labour, or a specific economic sector or even issues over private/public ownership, etc. Or on a more global level, you might wish to discuss the impacts of trading blocs on social groups, multinationals’ policy in one country, etc., according to the alternative approaches proposed by the ‘thinkers’.

2. Consider the various political-economic approaches towards dealing with the policy area with a view to choosing two. These approaches or perspectives include:
– free market (or neo-liberal or supply side),
– social democratic/Keynesian,
– socialist/ Marxist,
– green/ environmentalist.

3. Gather material and data about the policy area. Also, find opinions, commentaries which support the different economic ways of thinking. This can include articles from newspapers and journals, data provided by governmental and non-governmental organisations, and pages from web sites(be careful and ensure that the website is viable, believable, and please avoid Wikipedia!). Some of each would be ideal. The material/documentation needs to accompany the report and makes up the Portfolio.

4. Write a report of approximately 1000 words. The report should contain headings to make the structure clear. You need to reference your sources in the text, and to include a bibliography at the end. You should include references to the material/documents included in the portfolio.

5. In this Report you need to:
• write an introduction in which you discuss the policy area – saying why you have chosen it, why it is important and giving some brief details of current concerns.
• Discuss how at least two perspectives view the policy area – making reference to the material you have gathered. For example, what does a neo-liberal suggest is the way to solve a particular problem? What does a green pressure group think? Contrast the different viewpoints.
• Evaluate the perspectives in a concluding section. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the perspectives you have looked at based on the evidence you have gathered? Is there one that you prefer or do all or some of them have positive and negative points? What are your reasons for your choices – why do you prefer a particular perspective? Is it because it favours equality or efficiency or freedom or another value?

In short I need six article, from news papers, or journal or data provided by governmental and non-governmental organisations, and pages from web sites(be careful and ensure that the website is viable, believable, three need to be about one view another three need to be on same subject but different view. (for example if the wirter is gathereing article about child labour or poverty, three article need to be on social demokrat aproaches another three articles need to be on liberal aproaches on child labour or poverty) then the writer need to be write a report 1000 words how the two articles’s views aproaches that particaularly problem what their weakness and strenght, what or how the articles think different approuches thinking to solve that particle problem and so an as indicated above. whatever the writer use need to be referenced properly for example if the writer use newspaper for gathering article he or need to be put the name of writer of the article, name of the article, date of the newspaper and page number the article taken, it shuld be referenced properly and other references should be used pr

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