Cow calf case study Academic Essay

Paper detailsdear WriterI am animal science student and i have to write the final report base on the information that i have and i will only will writeone part of the final report not the whole paper and i will provide the information for you to write about it in a page with 1.5space and 11 to 12 font andThe term project entails preparation of a whole farm analysis in a professional format. Thisimplies an integration of production, industry and economic factors. You are playing the role of a consultant and yourobjective is to provide guidance.this is the part that i have to write in a pageReview and Evaluation of Current Yeara. Description of current year?s operationi. Resource Useii. Productioniii. Marketingso for market you have to look at the JJ farm description in order to write about it and it is in the file that is called case studydescription 1 for the market we have to say and see how they currently marketing the calf and see how they market theircalf .for example they have another calving once a year which means in spring so they have calf in spring or fall or latesummer so they can market calf several times a year where is only in spring usually won marking only on time a year. soyou can use the infromation in that file and that was a exmaple that i was think offor resources so lands are resources they use so you can talk about this is how many rent places they have and this iswhere they got feed from which is external sources (off farm) and this is how much land they own. so all the information is inthe file that is called feed strategy file in that file you can see P ( pasture ) R (rent) C ( community) and H so you can say forexample there is 3 pasture land and 5 rented and 2 community pasture and so on and for part that is called productionwhich is in the file that is called cow records file so you can talk about the current production and what current farmproduction looks like and this is current cowcalfoperation of what that productions looks like . specifically talk aboutproduction of what they are doing in term of production . we also did some calculation about this case study which itsshows about the strength and weakness of the JJ farm you can also use those one for the production part for example calfcrop is excellent because this is the percentage use and we can use those calculation to evaluate how the production is . Iwill provid the all the calculations and their bench mark , the calculation from that farm the file is call assigment 2 formulaand assigment 2 answers so on assigment 2 answers i will provide you lecture note which its said the bench mark andplease look at the slides from 16 to 22 which it said for exmaple what is calf crop expectiation and dead weight loss andgrowth and so one and look at the assigment 2 answer and compare those two and if write the one that is related toproduction . and the name of the lecture note is the yearly beef production and if you have any questions please let meknow and please do this i really need to do it is only a page 1.5 space thanks

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