Create a logical network diagram in Visio Academic Essay

Create a logical network diagram in Visio This assignment is to create a logical network diagram in Microsoft Visio. Remember to incorperate elements of secure networking to get maximum points. Create a logical network diagram with the following requirements: 1) There are two offices in different locations that must communicate together securely. 2) Both offices need internet connectivity for e-mail and a web site that includes scheduling and a secure billing system. 3) The main site (Umbrella hospital) has a set of production servers that need to be secured and separated from the rest of the local area network. Servers on this secured network include: patient management system heart monitoring system radiology server CT imaging MRI imaging Linear accelerator control (cancer treatment). 4) Both locations have file and print servers. Only the main site has an e-mail server. 5) the both sites have 75 client computers in the following departments: Research HR Administration IT Nursing/Doctors Security operations (CT cameras, door access systems, etc). PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET A GOOD DISCOUNT

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