Create two Business Swimlane diagrams and explain processes Custom Essay

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Using your own experience with university enrollment and financial systems, create at least two business process (workflow) swimlane diagrams explaining these processes. For each diagram write 1-2 pages explaining your diagram and documenting the processes, events, and decisions that occur in the particular business process you diagramed. Be sure to include as a minimum:

– Horizontal swim lanes
– Reasonably proper flowchart symbology
– Appropriate level (process, sub-process, activity) of detail
– Commentary on a proposed business process improvement (you can provide a COULD-BE diagram if you think it would help)

Note: Your diagrams can be related, such as an AS-IS diagram and a SHOULD-BE diagram. Diagrams should be drawn in Microsoft Visio or Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Please refer to upload file for the notes and example of diagrams.

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