Creative Arts (film & TV) Academic Essay

This assignment is in two parts. Useheadings and sub-headings to structure the layout of your assignment. Part A:Creative exemplars folio.Equivalent 1000 words including guided reflection. Compile eight exemplars: two each of Person, Product, Place, Process. Both the Creative repository and sources from your own research may be used.The guided reflection should be 100 words for each example and include: Brief discussion of key elements/aspects of each exemplar (800 words). Explain how and why each exemplar demonstrates creativity in its particular way, using your own analysis based on concepts, terminology and ideas explored over the unit. Provide images (e.g. a screengrab of material from websites or other online sources, or produce your own images). 100 words per exemplar is not much, so be concise. Do not include details such as when and where someone was born, or the history of the product or place etc. Approach it this way: find an exemplar, think about why you chose it, then explainwhy and how that exemplar is creative. Because you will have the image right there for us to see,you dont need to describe it. Focus on what the person/product/place/process means as a creative exemplar. Use feedback from assignment 1 (also general feedback that is on the ACC101 home page) to help you avoid some of the problems you may encounter. Reflection on research methods (200 words): how well the online sources/websites function as a source for information on creative person, product, place, process. A brief comment onhow the sites enhanced the experience of exploring this material and developing. You donotneed to refer to the CRAAP test directly(e.g. do not list each criteria as a dot-point). 200 words is not much, so discuss web-searching as a research method in general terms. Mention one or two websites specifically (dont try to discuss all 8 separately). Part B:Creativity and dangerous ideas a personal definition.Equivalent 1000 words. (500 words) Find a demonstration/example that exemplifies your definition of creativity and its relationship to dangerous ideas, using a format relevant to your specialist study area (may be video, audio, graphic design, PR ideas/campaign, images, text, filmed movement or performance, installation, website, digital storytelling, interdisciplinary narrative, experimental storytelling etc.). Describe and explain what it means for you as an example of creativity within your study domain. You arenotexpected to produce an original creative work (painting, performance, animation, design work, etc.) for this assignment. Reflect on what you know from studies in your core units (e.g., animation, visual arts, journalism?). Make use of your existing skills, experience and knowledge about your specialist study area. Look for an example that is really outstanding in the field and in the public domain. Be specific about how the style, method, ideas etc. all work towards your reasons for selecting this as an example of your personal definition. Write about how and why yourdemonstration/examplerepresents creativity to you, how it informs your understanding of your own creative practice/study specialism. (500 words) Produce a written statement of your analytical response to defining creativity. This is different from a personal reflection: instead, your writing should explore and apply theories, concepts, and ideas from unit resources, readings and presentations, and seminar activities over the trimester. Your analysis should relate and referto the examples you have used in your demonstration of definition in Part B above, and where relevant you can refer to the exemplars in Part A to support your writing as well. Your written statement/analysis is where you draw together a range of ideas and understandings about creativity, and produce a refined statement. Your writing for this part should engage clearly with theory and analysis, using concepts, terminology and examples from the unit that help demonstrate this. Include references and a bibliography. Wordcount does not include bibliography. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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