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Creative Work For this assignment, I want you to write a short story . Your topics are open. For those of you who are really bold and would like to work on some form poetry, I will gladly supply you with the forms. Those are challenging. For those of you who realize that creativity is not your strength, you may be helped by taking the suggestions I made in the lecture last week and the prompt. I am also happy to make other suggestions for getting started or for possible topics. Now here?s the deal about the grades for this assignment: I recognize that some of you have a lot of writing talent hidden up your sleeves; others of you may have absolutely none. I also recognize that reading literature and poetry is a subjective business. I might like something that?s OK and not like something that?s actually very creative. So your grades will be based on how much you produce, broken down in the following way: Fiction Less than 4 pages: F 4-5 pages: D 6-7 pages: C 8-9 pages: B 10 or more: A

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