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Write about and defend the following scenario:

A student has taken a break from his/her studies. The highest level completed was an Associated Degree (AA) in Business Administration. This student has been out of University for 6 years and is now looking to finish his/her studies. This student speaks two languages, has lived in 4 different countries (Russia, Switzerland, United States and United Kingdom) and traveled to 42 cities in 19 countries. This student communicates and relates very well to different cultures and backgrounds due to his/her life experience. This student had the privilege to meet and interact with many interesting people from all walks of life. He or she is very open to diversity and exploring this planet, the people on it and it’s mysteries. This person is very well rounded and has experienced and seen a lot for his/her young age of 26 years old. He or she has friends all over the world.

This person has a wide array of experiences. At a young age he/she spent the summers learning about the family business in Moscow by working different jobs: Stone Mason, Welder, Plasterer and so on (Working in one department each summer). In his/her mid 20’s he/she spent 3 months living in a Chinese Buddhist Monastery. This person is very community orientated. His/Her most fulfilling experience was traveling with an organization to Tijuana, Mexico to build housing for homeless families.

His/Her experiences weren’t without their own trials and tribulations. His/Her experiences include being lied to, deceived, manipulated and cheated off. In his/her journey he/she saw the negative side to life and people. But this type of person does not let negative experiences change his/her positive outlook on life nor let it get him/her down. He/She treats negative experiences as something to learn from and grow. He/She tries to learn from every moment life provides. This is why he/she feels that his/her life experiences – the good and the bad – in combination with the attitude just described has made him/her into a more well-rounded, educated and mature person than he would have been without those experiences. This person is very humble and down-to-earth but he/she does feel he/she has experienced and seen more of life than a person of his age and thus has a more mature, well-rounded and open outlook on life.


You MUST include and develop further ALL the information stated above.

You MUST argue and defend that sometimes learning from life and the experiences it provides is just as important as what you learn in your studies at a University.

Some recent Scientific research/data to support your argument is favorable but not necessary.

Find credible quotes to back-up your argument.

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