Critical Analysis of Risk in Projects Academic Essay

Provide a critical analysis of risk in projects. Identify and discuss several important factors that need to be considered by project managers, in respect of risk. You should provide a critique of these factors, utilising examples from practice to support your account. You should also state how the global environment informs professional practice, in terms of these factors. Recommended Reading: Cadle, J. and Yeates, D. (2007), Project Management for Information Systems (3/e), FT Prentice Hall, Harlow, England., All Saints Library 658.4038PRO Cleland, D.I. and Ireland, L.R. (2007), Project Management: Strategic Design and Implementation (5/e), McGraw-Hill, USA. All Saints Library 658.404CLE Gardiner, P.D. (2005), Project Management: A Strategic Planning Approach, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke., All Saints Library 658.404GAR Highsmith, J.A. (2004), Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products, Addison-Wesley, London., All Saints Library 005.12 HIG Lientz, B. and Rea, K.P. (2002), Project Management for the 21st Century, London Academic Press, San Diego., All Saints Library 658.404LIE Maylor, H. (2010), Project management, FT Prentice Hall, Harlow, England., All Saints Library 658.404MAY Meredith, J.R. and Mantel, S.J. (2009), Project Management: A Managerial Approach, (7/e), John Wiley and Sons, Inc. All Saints Library 658.404MER Further Assignment Guidance: There are diverse arguments that are of potential relevance to this essay question. You are invited to make an assessment of the question that is supported by evidence. Some of the other challenges of this assignment are the abilities to demonstrate that: ¦ You have engaged with a sufficient and varied range of research sources (at least six different sources) to improve the potential quality of your work ¦ You have correctly interpreted and evaluated such diverse sources ¦ You can structure your work appropriately and you write in a coherent manner ¦ You have been selective in the sources you eventually chose, with reference to them and with some justification as to why they are perceived to be significant ¦ You can avoid the excessive use of descriptive text in order to allow sufficient space for more analytical work. Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed. 3. Evaluate and critically reflect alternative organisational and systematic approaches to delivering project outcomes. 4. Critically evaluate the application Professional Skills Developed and Assessed This assignment will help further develop information gathering capabilities, critical analysis and thinking skills and practical decision making as well as enhancing written communication skills, which are essential for employability and lifelong learning. The appropriate Programme Learning Outcomes are PLO1. Identify and apply information through critical thinking and analysis (developed) PLO2. Enhance effective communication skills (developed) PLO3. Apply a critical and reflective awareness of sustainability and ethical issues (developed) PLO4. Demonstrate a critical awareness of the global environment (developed and assessed) PLO5. Develop advanced subject specific knowledge, professional and research skills in Project Management (developed)

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