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Write a critical, expository paper and a sociological analysis of race, labor relations, or gender in organized baseball. In your paper apply and critically evaluate the ideas of Candace West and Don H. Zimmerman, ?Doing Gender.?

Please outline and discuss some relevant ideas of the writer or writers and show how they apply to some aspect of the baseball issue that you choose. In your opening paragraph, you will need to write a thesis that states whether West?s and Zimmerman?s from ?Doing Gender? ideas mainly help us or do not help us to understand or explain a specific issue in baseball and precisely the ways in which the ideas do and do not help us to understand the issue. You will need to address directly the sociological ideas you are discussing, show that you understand them, and cite them specifically. You will also need to supply evidence for or against these ideas from the texts, including direct quotes, from the historical writings of (Warren Goldstein, Playing for Keeps: A History of Early Baseball. Cornell University, 1989, pp. 33-63 only) and (Gai Berlage, Women in Baseball, Praeger 1994, chapters 3,8 only). These also require citations. You should include a counterpoint. If you are arguing, for instance, that West and Zimmerman?s ideas mainly help us understand race relations in baseball, you should also indicate an instance where they do not. Finally, in your conclusion please provide an overall assessment of any theoretical arguments you discuss. That is, return to your thesis regarding whether the ideas are mainly supported or not supported and speculate theoretically why you think the ideas mainly apply or do not apply, or apply only in some ways and not others.

***Important*** You must provide at least three quotes from West?s and Zimmerman?s ?Doing Gender?, two quotes from Warren Goldstein?s, Playing for Keeps: A History of Early Baseball (pp.33-63 only), and two quotes from Gai Berlage, Women in Baseball (ch. 3 & 8 only).

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