Critical Paper

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Critical Paper #2 Grade: 25% of course grade Books: Plato, Great Dialogues Virgil, Aeneid Ovid, Metamorphoses Assignment: Write a 4-5 page double-spaced essay in which you analyze a book that we have read (Plato, Virgil or Ovid). I dont care which book you pick which ever suits you the best but only pick one of the books listed to write about. Focus on a value or conflict between values that emerges in the work. Such values include, for example, honor or empathy, and such conflicts include warriorship vs. inherited or political power. Explore what that value or conflict of values means to the work and suggests about the culture of the author. Emphasis should be on your thinking. Research is not needed. If you do research, then document your sources using either MLA or APA style When I ask for an essay, I imply a coherent structure with an introduction (no more than one paragraph) that states in one sentence your main idea, an argument in the body that appeals to the book for evidence, and a conclusion that answers the question “So what?” (that is, what does my idea matter in the big picture of Greek civilization). I place a premium on clear, correct sentences.

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