Critical Thinking assignment Academic Essay

Critical Thinking assignment Develop a ten to twelve page report that includes the following sections, explaining your strategies for addressing the problems identified in the Heathrow Airport Terminal 1 project. Include at least eight academic or professional references that provide information and guidance for assertions made in your paper. This Portfolio Project emphasizes assessing and integrating project requirements in relation to user needs and organizational goals. Review the PMI case study about Refurbishing Heathrow Airport Terminal 1, with an emphasis on how you would assess the problem and integrate a solution differently. Here is an outline of what the final report will look like, with minimum length requirements: I. Introduction (1 Page) II. Explanation of the Business Analysis Process (1 Page) III. Project Analysis Graphic (1 Page) IV. Explanation/Description of Graphic (1 Page) V. Definition of the Project (1 Page) VI. Data Collection (1 Page) VII. Strategies/Theory used to Reach Conclusion (1 Page) VIII. Justification/Explanation for Risk Analysis (1 Page) IX. Risk Mitigation Process (1 Page) X. Conclusion (1 Page) PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET A GOOD DISCOUNT

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