critically analys the arguments that have been made in relation to the existence of a ‘CSI Effect Essay

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Field of study is Sociology of Forensic Sciences and Technologies;

Forensic sciences in the media – The ‘CSI effect’ and beyond

This lecture describes media portrayal of forensic sciences in real life and fictional cases. There has been much (probably too much) media interest in the fictional portrayal of forensic science in popular crime shows such as CSI, where it has been argued that CSI may have an effect on jury decisions. There is now a substantial literature on the ‘CSI effect’. However, at least since the time of Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, the fictional forensic detective has been hugely influential in our cultural imagination We review an analysis of this literature and research on the supposed effect. In addition to the effects of fictional portrayals of forensic sciences the lecture explores wider media effects e.g. beliefs as to the power of DNA analysis amongst the public and amongst prison populations.

Lecture and Seminar Readings

Is there evidence for a ‘CSI effect’ and, if so, what form(s) does it take?

this is all information from handbook. and i want from you to focus more on answering the question

i will upload a power point from the lecture which i had

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