Critically analyze the evidence relating to the quality of service provided under in-house and contracted out IT services. custom essay

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There are several models of staffing used in the IT industry, including outsourcing, contracting out, and employment. Critically analyze the evidence relating to the quality of service provided under in-house and contracted out IT services. You need to cover: 1.The types of staffing arrangements used –definitions and processes used to implement; 2.Analysis of the strengths and limitations of each model in regard to quality of service; 3.Assessment of the relative merits of in-house verses contracted out service delivery. You may select a specific set of IT activities for discussion, or take a broader view. Use examples as appropriate from your own experience, but the primary evidence base must be academic and related literature.

In compiling this essay, you are required to: 1) Respond to the essay topic, keep to the topic and only cover relevant issues; 2) Use an adequate range of academic sources – text book, other books, journal articles etc. to support your argument and to find examples to illustrate your argument; 3) Take a critical orientation to the topic, theories and readings; and 4) Provide a well structured, clear and consistent line of reasoning across the assignment, including an effective introduction and well-reasoned and concise conclusion. Prescribed text(s) The required textbook is: Noe, R., Hollenbeck, J., Gerhart, B., & Wright, P. (2010). Human resource management: Gaining a competitive advantage (7th ed.). New York: McGraw Hill. Recommended reading & resources Harman, C. & Brelade, S. (2000). Knowledge Management and the Role of HR. Harlow: Pearson. Newell, S., Robertson, M., Scarbrough, H. & Swan, J. (2002). Managing Knowledge Work. Basingstoke: Palgrave. Garvey, B. & Williamson, B. (2002). Beyond Knowledge Management. Harlow: Pearson. Burton-Jones, A. (1999). Knowledge Capitalism. New York: Oxford University Press. Harris, H., Brewster, C. & Sparrow, P. (2003). International Human Resource Management. London: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Others: Journal articles. References 12 minimum APA 5th edition format

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