Cross-Cultural Communications

AssignmentCross-Cultural CommunicationsIn a 4-5 page, APA style paper, complete an article review. Your article should come from one of the online library resources. Your article should cover one or more of the following topics that were introduced in your readings:úcross-cultural communication challenges úintercultural communication and process úeffective strategies for cross-cultural communication TIPS: Support your analysis with what you have learned from the course text, in addition to peer-reviewed articles. Support your arguments with good examples and evidence from literature. You may add your own experience and stories. Add more critical thinking by developing good arguments or take a position and develop the paper to support or oppose someone else?s argument or position. Paper should have inline citations and introduction page.Submit your four tofivepage paper (not including the title and reference pages). Your paper must be formatted according to APA style and must cite at least three scholarly sources. Useful ReferencesBarriers to Workplace CommunicationHow Does a Lack of Communication Cause Conflict in the Workplace?Seven Ways to Better Communicate in Today?s Diverse Workplace ? Seven Tips for Communicating In Today?s Diverse WorkplaceTop Ten Communication Problems in the Workplace ??.?.

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