Cultural Anthropology Custom Essay

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Answer the following four questions, based on Chapters 8&11, in about 200 words each: I’ll send access to the book in a message

1. The popular conception of ethnic differences is that they are deep-rooted in history and culture. However, ethnic differences can arise fairly quickly from economic disparities. Using the example of the Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda, explain how ethnic differences can arise from class differences. Does this mean that ethnic differences can be overcome more easily than we have thought possible?
2. Based on evidence, discuss whether or not the United States is a class society. Why do so many Americans resist the idea that class plays a central role in the United States? In your response focus specifically on the role that popular culture plays in portraying a classless society.
3.What explanations have been offered for the near-universality of marriage? What evidence supports or challenges these explanations?

4. Describe the major theories that seek to explain the universal incest taboo. Which theory (or theories) do you find to be the most compelling? And why?

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