Customer Segmentation Custom Essay

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The focus of the Customer Analysis section is a thorough examination of the target market, that is, those people that you intend to sell your products or services to. The first step is to define your target market. You need to know exactly what the people who might be interested in buying your product or service are like, and how many of them there are. Then you need to make some projections about your target market, in terms of how much of your products or service they might buy, and how they might be affected by trends and policies.

� How much does the average household spend on healthy cookies and snack food products? Create a chart to show change in spending over the last 5 years. Does spending vary for different regions of the country?
� Within the Northeast, who are the biggest customers (market share) and the best customers (index of likelihood of a segment to buy relative to the general population) of snack food products?
� Overall, which segmentation variables do you think are the most relevant in developing a demographic and psychographic profile of Vision Sown�s potential customers? Explain your choice of variables.
� Create a table that summarizes the segmentation variables you have chosen and the size of the segments (number of individuals). Rank the segments accordingly from the highest to the largest in terms of their segment size

1b. Selection of Target Segments:
Your choice of target segments

This assignment is based on cookie company called Vision Sown. (I will be attaching more details about the company and the assignment)

*paper requirements:

� Spacing: Single space within a paragraph, double space between paragraphs
� Color: if you use color in your fonts or exhibits then you must print your document in color.
� Use bullet points to organize lists of information or multiple examples. If you use bullet points, be sure to explain in the same level of detail as you would in a paragraph. For long lists of information, consider creating an exhibit.
� Exhibits (tables, charts, graphs, photos, etc):
o Less than 1/3 page long: integrated within the body of the report and cited appropriately (see example below).
o Longer exhibits: In order to maintain the flow of your business plan, longer exhibits should be placed in the Appendix. Number each separately (Appendix1, Appendix 2, etc.).
� Your paper must include an APA format Bibliography.
� Proofread for typos, language, organization, visual appeal, meaning and overall flow.
� Fluent use of business language and thoughtful discussion are critical components of a superior business plan.
Citations and Bibliography: Use APA format to create a list of all books, magazine & journal articles, research reports, web sites and other sources of information you used to create your report. Each quote, chart, data table, etc. that you cite in your paper must be linked to your Bibliography.

This assignment should focus on the facts.

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