Data Security in Wisconsin Higher Education Institutions Academic Essay

An important aspect of the paper is to utilize diverse perspectives to enrich your analytic thinking.This should be an academic research paper. The Executive summary and outline page are required tothis paper. In addition, this research paper should have a complete response to informationrequested. It is logical, clear, substantive, connected to other sections and demonstrate your abilityto apply analytic and synthesize thinking to the evaluation of the topic. Sources recommended fromthe professor are: Harvard Business Review?? Sloan Management Review?? California ManagementReview?? Wall Street Journal. Sources that can be found at the Brown County Library (in Wisconsin)and/or University of Wisconsin Systems library are preferred. Furthermore, you can add data, charts,and/or graphs if you wish believe it is the best for the paper. I will upload the topic selection andinterview answer. Please include the interview in this paper. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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