DBA Assignment related to the research proposal.

2500 word essay about: For your area of practice/research, carry out a limited review of the literature. Try to review between 8 and 12 key peer reviewed journal articles? Identify the key issues in your area of practice and research. – Part A: (10% of the whole assignment) Which types of research predominate in this field? (this includes research philosophy and methodology). Why do you think that is the case? – Part B: (60 to 70% of the assignment)(use at least 3 themes) Evaluate what the key authors have said about these issues? What do you think of the coherence of their arguments? To what extent have they substantiated their arguments by using evidence? Compare and contrast approaches. – Part C: (20% of the assignment) (use 7 themes) In what ways has reviewing the literature affected your understanding of the subject area. Attachements: research proposal: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5w5p39sm03iacqy/AbdulRahman%20AlAli%20-%20DBA%20Proposal%20reviewed.docx?dl=0 *Access to learning management resources of the can be provided

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