Dell, what specific measures of performance would you incorporate into your strategic management plans

? The bid rate is a sensitive issue in accepting to assign this order.With all respect, writers must meet the below terms, otherwise please do not bid for this order.1. Writers must have above 100 orders completed.2. Writers must hold rating above 9/10.3. Writers must be experienced in management and financial analysis.4. Writers must have no warnings.?????????????????????????????????-? Case Study: Dell, Inc. ??.?.If you were leading Dell, what specific measures of performance would you incorporate into your strategic management plans? Also, based on the guidelines for proper control, what components would you include in the control system? In an 850-1200 word paper, summarize your thoughts with supporting information retrieved from the Dell website and scholarly articles accessed from the University library. * Dell, Inc. Case Study is attached in (Acrobat .PDF)????????-Work Instructions:1. The work must be 100% free of PLAGIARISM. 2. The work should be in 850-1200 words.3. Ensure you first discuss Dell, Inc. case study before doing any current research on the Company.4. Beside the Dell website, the work must be supported by at least six (6) credible sources, e.g. journals and advanced scholarly articles from an academic databases like EBSCOHOST and PROQUEST.5. Select current research articles published within the last five (5) years on the topic/the company.6. Use APA style for the whole work, including the in-text citation and references. (For every reference, there must be a corresponding citation in the text, and vice versa. Cited page numbers must be correct) No direct internet websites are allowed to be used as a reference (e.g. Wikipedia, ehow, ? etc.)8. Used references are to be provided to me either as PDF files or direct web links.9. A paragraph must at least contain three sentences.10. The course is Strategy Planning and the work is for MBA level; hence it must demonstrate high quality of writing. 11. The first (1) draft of the work is to be submitted by NO LATER THAN Wednesday 10-Apr-2014 (3:00PM GMT )Note: It will take sometime from me to decide assigning this order, so please do not withdraw your bid. ??.?.

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