Demonstrated level of articulated understanding of the key areas of management practice

1. Demonstrated level of articulated understanding of the key areas of management practice.2. Demonstrated level of analysis of the article3. Breadth and quality of use of academic readings4. Correctness of essay style/structure and academic genreFont: ArialFont size: 10Double spacing.Separate page for the reference listWord count on the end of the paper underneath final paragraph1) A copy of the chosen newspaper article (from e-learning)2) An essay outline containing elaborate main points and in text references more details will be provided onformat and structure in the tutorials in Weeks 1 & 23) A detailed Reference list formatted according to the Summers and Smith (2010) CommunicationHandbook Ch 2..Students will explore a contemporary management issue that has attracted national and/or international media attention at some time during the past two years.______________1. Choose one from a selection of four newspaper articles (from Moodle).2. Identify one or two management topics from the lecture program (and one in which you are interested).relevant to the issue. Identify the company, its context, industry sector etc.3. Provide a brief summary of the issue that the managers in the case are confronting..4. Use relevant management concepts and theories as the lens through which you critically evaluate theperformance of management in addressing the issue.5. Make a judgment, based on the critical review you conduct in steps 1-4 above, about the managementstrategies/ decisions that were or could be tried to resolve the issue, and what worked or didnt work, andwhy..6. Recommend any different approach that might be taken to resolve the issue, and explain why. Yourability to link concepts and theories to real life problems, and argue your opinion based on evidence, isimportant here..7. Provide a reference list of the information sources used in accordance the Summers and Smith (2010)Examples of issues that you might explore include any of the areas covered in the weekly lectures: change that has occurred in organisations due to globalization, alternative approaches to management, change and innovation management, organisational culture etc.1. Identification significant issues of management practice in the article.2. Use of appropriate management theories and concepts3. The development of a clear logical argument in the outline4. Accuracy of referencing (students are to use a minimum of 8 references including 3 journal articles, 3academic books, one website and the newspaper or document of the case study itself..

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