Department of Health and Ageing – Increasing physical activity amongst young Australians custom essay

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For this assessment, students are required to form teams of 3-4 people. You are required to select one topic from those listed below and prepare a social marketing plan to address the topic. The time-period for the plan is for twelve months.

? Topic 1-Department of Health and Ageing- Increasing physical activity amongst young Australians
? Topic 2- Increasing regular Blood Donation to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service amongst 16-24 year old Australians

Structure of marketing plan

Executive summary
1. Plan background, Purpose and Focus
2. Situation analysis (Including SWOT)
3. Target market profile
4. Marketing objectives and Goals
5. Target markets, Barriers, Benefits and the Competition
6. Guiding Theory
7. Positioning Statement
8. Marketing strategies
9. Evaluation Plan
10. Budget

Team organisation
It is recommended that any students from the health discipline be in a team with marketing students to balance the limited the marketing knowledge that the health students have and the limited social issue knowledge that the marketing students have.

In addition to the functional roles of information search (finding references and articles), typing the document and summarising information, teams should allocate a person to each of these roles:
? Team Leader: This person needs to be able to organise and keep minutes of the meetings, make sure everyone keeps to the agreed deadlines, facilitates allocation of tasks at team meetings, is open to input from all members, can facilitate conflict resolution between team members.

Social Marketing Plan Template
Executive Summary
1 Plan Background, Purpose and Focus
? Name and history of the organisation
? Mission statement/vision of the organisation
? Location of organisation
? Organisational structure
? Resources (budgets, number of staff
? Source of funding
? Any key organisational issues
? Outline of the social issue
? Purpose statement

2 Situation analysis

You may choose to undertake some primary market research to assist you in indentifying key issues in the situation analysis

2.1 macro-environment
Environment Trends/issues Implications for our Issue

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