Department of Homeland Security management Academic Essay

2) As noted in the NRF assigned reading document, The Response mission area includes 14 core capabilities: planning,public information and warning, operational coordination, critical transportation, environmental response/health and safety,fatality management services, infrastructure systems, mass care services, mass search and rescue operations, onscenesecurity and protection, operational communications, public and private services and resources, public health and medicalservices, and situational assessment.Pleasewatch the video. Copy the URL below and paste it into your Internet browser for viewing. This is a YouTubepresentation. My suggestion is to take a few notes along the way about warning systems and response. There are alsoelements of human interest, recovery and continuity to be observed and considered.4) Given Joplin, MO, explain what you believe the process for applying Scalable, Flexible, and Adaptable OperationalCapabilities to such a situation. Who makes those determinations? Based upon what information? This is a think and applyquestion. From you viewing share any other comments you would like to make about how difficult it would be to respond tothis level of a disaster?

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