Describe a significant challenge or failure that you have had to face, the steps you took to address it, and what you learned about yourself in the process.

During my time in San Luis Potosi,Mexico for Deaf Catholic Youth Initiative for the Americas as volunteer. I stayed with Deaf youths who spoke absolutely no English or American Sign Language. Although I had learned Mexican Sign Language for almost week. At first I was frustrated but I learned to be patience at first and little to little to pick up new words. Some American Sign Language and Mexican Sign Language are similar but different meaning. I met many Deaf youths who have limited education and almost of them does not have Deaf accessible via interpreter. They are struggle with education in public school and college. They frustrated with Mexican Sign Language interpreter because different dialect and region. At that time I have no knowledge of Mexican Sign Language however I taught them history, culture and general. They are very fascinating my lecture in my gesture with American Sign Language and Mexican Sign Language. It very challenge for me to learn their culture and language.

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