Describe the tensions between the purpose of education and the practice in adult education custom essay

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Hi There,
You have to take context from ADULT EDUCATION and describe the tensions between the purpose of education and the practice embedded in a specific ADULT education context i.e.- pursuing competency based training in the VET system as the basis of assignment.
you will find all my assignment instructions in attachments
I want British Style writing.
please, do not use too long sentences.
. Do not forget to put in text references
please note that:
could you please send me( in 48 hours or less) the abstract for the assignment before you start writing the assignment. because i will send it to my educator to get her feedback. After that, I will send you her comments and then you can start writing the assignment.

Some References:
Anderson, D., Brown, M., & Rushbrook, P. 2004, “Vocational education and training”, in G. Foley (ed.), Dimensions of Adult Learning: Adult education and training in a global era, Allen & Unwin, Sydney, pp. 234-250.
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Wheelahan, L. 2008, “What about knowledge? The deskilling of teachers” work”, The Australian TAFE Teacher, Autumn, pp. 6-7.

I need abstract of the essay in 48 hours or less.

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