Design4Practice (D4P) Program Academic Essay

From the Syllabus: Professionalism includes a particular skilled called life-long learning, and in many states, maintaining a P.E. license requires demonstration of continuing professional competency (CPC) by completing a number of professional development hours (PDHs). One particular qualifying PDH is attending a seminar or workshop that includes engineering content related to the licensees field of practice. To promote life-long learning (and CPC), all students are required to attend four (4) out-of class seminars before the last day of classes. These seminars may include any presentation on NAUs campus: Engineering Seminar Series, CEFNS or NAU Career Development workshops/seminars, and other seminars/workshops on If you have questions about the validity of an event, email your instructor BEFORE attending the event. You are required to submit a summary and reflection of each event; additional details will be posted to Bb Learn. You must upload your write-up for each event by midnight (11:59pm) on the last day of class (Dec 18). For each event, you must submit a 2-page document (1.15 spacing, 12pt. Times New Roman or Calibri font, saved as a PDF) containing: ??£ Name, date, and location of the event. ??£ A summary of the content from the seminar/workshop. ??£ A reflection on how the content will be useful in your future engineering career related to: o Engineering Design, o Communication, o Teamwork, and/or o Professionalism. Your reflection does not necessarily have to reflection on all 4 areas. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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