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Webquest is an innovative way to teach language through engaging students in interacting, and locating, analysing, evaluating and transforming information in ways that are meaningful to them. In this task, you will create a Webquest project, which is designed for one specific topic or subject area and covers a period of one week in a class. The project should involve learners in interacting with and using Web- and non-Web based information in order to learn a particular topic/ language area. To complete this project, you will

1. Create the Webquest lesson in Word (Web Page)/Powerpoint or a Webquest template, which include Introduction,Task, Process/Guidance, Evaluation, Conclusion, and Teacher notes.

2. Write a short essay of 1,500 words discussing the rationale behind your design of the Webquest project with a particular focus on how the project might promote language learning. This may include the age/proficiency level of the group, topic, the specific language/thinking skills that the Webquest inquiry will focus on, as well as any other contextual information.

Relevant literature needs to be incorporated into your discussion. To get a higher grade, you would have needed to demonstrate evidence of extensive research and an ability to synthesise and evaluate information.

Criteria for assessment:

1. Design of multimedia presentation (20%)

a. Design of the WebQuest
• Quality, authenticity, and appropriateness of the content, topic, and task
• Effectiveness of the Introduction
• Appropriateness of the Task
• Clarity of the Process/Teacher Notes

b. Technical design
• Innovative and creative design
• Good use of colour, style and layout
• Well organised and sequenced materials
• Multimedia integration
o Effective use of transitions/animations
o Effective use of hyperlinks
o Effective use of text
o Effective use of sound/movies
o Effective use of graphics/motion clip art
o Enhanced learning experience

2. Essay (25%)
• Good understanding of effective CALL principles
• Use of theory, research literature to support your discussion
• Evidence of investigation into the various ways in which the technology can be used to support learning
• A well-structured essay that conforms

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