Development in Oil and Gas Retail Industries Academic Essay

Paper detailsCore Text: nWinning at New Products: Cooper, R: Perseus Publishing. 2011. nKey Texts: nLynda Grattan HotSpots Pearson 2007nClaude Fussler DrivingEcoInnovation Pearson 1996nAndy Bruce and David Birchall Fast Trackto Success Pearson 2009nTom Burns and G.M Stalker The Management of Innovation OUPOxford?? revised edition1994 nJane Henry CreativeManagement and Development Sage??third edition 2008 nJournal List: nThe followingJournals are appropriate to the module and will contain further articles which you may find helpful: n The EconomistMagazine. n Sunday Times Newspaper. n BBC Website on the Global Economic Crisis. nWebsites: nYou will find theWebsites below helpful for the module and are advised to consult them regularly. You may discover other Websites whichare also helpful. Annotated web links, multiple choice questions and other useful resources can be found n Journal of Risk Assessment and Management http://www.International Journal of Product Developmentnhttp://www. Journal of Product Innovation Managementnhttp://www.International Journal of Oil, Gas & Coal Technology n,, n Other Sources: TheEconomist n Times, Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, Financial Times n PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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