Development of Nuclear Power in UAE Essay

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Preferred language style: English (U.S.)

Topic: Development of Nuclear Power in UAE

This topic must have a United Arab Emirates and/or Abu Dhabi focus.

You should explain each of the questions below.
1. what policies / laws/ campaigns are involved? (describe them)
2. who was / is involved? (describe who participated or continues to participate in the creation of the policy and/or its implementation)
3. why was the policy / law / campaign created? (describe the social / political situation, if relevant)
4. how does it affect the UAE? (describe the environmental impact)
5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the policy / law /campaign? (what good examples does it set, and what could be improved?)
6. you may add other details that you think are important.

You should write in your own words as much as possible.

You must properly quote any text taken directly from other sources.

All resources consulted must be included in a list of references at the end of the text.

Research Outline

  • Shows evidence of unbiased, detailed research
  • Introduction: Statement of the issue to be discussed.
  • Clear, concise statements describing the topic.
  • Discussion of relevant research and multiple sources of information.
  • Consistency of focus, leading to a concise summary or conclusion.
  • Literature cited (APA format)
  • Clarity of work (including spelling and grammar)

* should be in student level language.

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