Different countries have different approaches to labour management relations

]Question Different countries have different approaches to labour managementrelations. You need to undertake research on the labour relations systemand practices in any two countries found in two different continents.Compare and contrast the approach, reasons for the approach, types ofindustrial system and practices including the strength and weaknesses oftheir labour management relations approach in these countries. Whatlessons did you learn from this research? ??.?.Group 1 Continent: Europe and Scandinavia, North America, CanadaGroup 2 Continent: Africa, Asia, Australia, South and Central AmericaOnce you have decided on the continents, proceed to identify and selectone country (excluding Singapore) from each of the two continents.Each presentation must be supported by power-point slides and properlycited with references on the slide itself. The last page of the power-pointslide must show contains a list of references using APA format. Hand acopy of the presentation slides to the lecturer before the start of yourpresentation with a cover page.Assignment Format Total group time 20 mins.Each group member must be active in the presentationUse presentation software (PowerPoint) to guide your presentationCitation Format APAReferences(if applicable)You are required to consult and fully reference a MINIMUM of 5references from 3 different sources of information (e.g., book; www;journal article from the full-text databases; current affairs magazine;newspaper etc.) ??.?.

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