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The course that i am taking called disaster encounter which is a history course (hard level) where we have to write analytic paper regarding any topic that is related to natural disasters.Course overviewDisastrous Encounters explores the complex interaction between human beings and their environment by examining incidents in which those disasters have proven destructive or fatal to humankind. By the end of the class students will be able to:Explain the scientific principles behind natural disasters, including cyclonic weather, global climate change, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, river flooding, famines, and diseases.Analyze to what extent a given disaster is in fact natural at all, but rather was either caused by or exacerbated by human actions.Draw connections between different types of disasters, recognizing that major disasters often produce predictable secondary disaster effects.Write strong analytical essays.Read documents critically, especially in terms of the authors agenda and the authors likely biases.Research PaperStudents must a research paper of about 6-8 pages. This paper should explore the theme of natural disasters, and should preferably try to answer one of the following three questions:1) to what degree did human decisions/actions cause or exacerbate to a particular natural disaster?2) to what degree was a given natural disaster interrelated with other disasters occurring before, during, or after the given disaster?3) in a given country (you pick), what natural disasters are most likely to threaten that country in the future, and what can be done to prepare against the danger?The highlighted one is the most related out to the questions that I would like to have the research paper to be about.PLAGIARISM: Plagiarism means to take the ideas, writing, or arguments of others and pass them off as your own. It is a serious academic offense. If you quote directly from a book, website, or other source, or if you want to use the ideas/opinions/conclusions of another author in your writings, you must enclose that material in quotation marks and indicate the source using a footnote. All cases of plagiarism will be handled severely, and the most common applied penalty will be failure in the course. The topic of the research paper is Japan Vs PhilippineWarning the content below are all copied from the net and its not my own words so do not copy any the only reason that its here to help you and assist you with the research paper and thats it.Between these two countries, which is the most disaster prone in the world: Japan or the Philippines?They are about even, but 100% Japan is far better prepared than the Philippines. Typhoons, earthquakes, volcanoes..mm all are present and frequent in both places. If the 2011 earthquake / tsunami had happened in the Philippines, the death toll would have been in the hundreds of thousands, rather than 10,000.What is the reason behind Japan being the most earthquake prone country?Japan is situated along the worlds most active earthquake belt, the Pacific Ring of Fire, where rigid plates in the Earths crust collide along the rim of the Pacific Ocean. In the Pacific Plate, the plate beneath the Pacific Ocean is moving almost due west and being pushed down into the Earths interior along a trench off Japans east coast. On average, the Pacific Plate is moving at 3.5 inches (8.9centimeters) per year. Of course, this process is not continuous as per experts.Movement may stop as the plates stick together for a period and energy will build up, so when the movement does finally occur, it becomes more dramaticJapan is subject to natural hazards, in particular to earthquakes. This comes from its location at the intersection of at least three tectonic plates: the PacificPlate, the Philippine Sea Plate, and the Eurasian plate. Earthquakes occur when pressure is exerted by one plate on the other and can roughly be divided in to three groups: 1) earthquakes occurring near the plate boundary; 2) earthquake soccurring inside the plate; and 3) shallow inland earthquakes. The Pacific coast of the Japanese archipelago is currently pushed upwards by the subducting Pacific and Philippine Sea Plates. This leads to very high earthquake activity in the coastal area running from Hokkaido in the north to the south-eastern tip of Honshu, and outside Kyushu in the southWhat is the reason behind Japans brilliant economic development inspite of being a nation cursed by earthquakes?The Japanese people are believed to be one of the most hard working people. Despite earthquakes, tsunamis and destruction from WW2, the Japanese have emerged as one of the strongest economies. Major reasons for this are: proper political policies such as after WW2, the Japanese minimized their military expenses and focussed mainly on the recovery of their economy. It was known as the Yoshida doctrine. in initial stages of development, Japanese government aimed at doubling the incomes earned by their workers and improve their living standards. This was known as the Income Doubling Plan, 1960. the ability of its people to use foreign technology and skill to fit their own economic and industrial system. The Japanese are famous for their technology for a reason. even during oil crisis in japan, they were able to control inflation with early monetary reforms. improved their business environment and expanded foreign trade to their benefit. How the term paper should be written:(Title Japan Vs Philippine)In this term paper I would like it to be about Japan and Philippine since they get hit a lot with disasters each year due to their geographical place. And the main question is to compare both of the countries hazard and risk towards disasters since Hazard + Risk = Disaster. For example the risk in Japan is their properties because after any disaster occurs most of the properties are damaged whereas in Philippine the death toll is way higher plus property damage even though they have the same hazard and the same disaster and this term paper will explain to you why.It would be great to start the paper (only the intro) in a narrative way like for example In 2013, there were two deadly typhoon that stroke Japan and Philippine and then go one with explaining the atmosphere of each country during the disaster and how much people died and how many property got damaged and then say but why if they had the same disaster though the outcome of each country was different were Philippine had a severe death toll in comparison to Japan and this term paper will explain their similarity and differences in their risks and hazard.you should include the each of the countrys survey and come up with great arguments and points plus evidences from scholars to support your question. It should only be written in an analytic way except the introduction part. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TyphoonHaiyan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TyphoonWipha(2013)to help you for the introduction and you dont have to cite it because its wikipedia though you have to rephrase it. (you can only use wikipedia for the introduction part, the rest of the paper, the points and the arguments should be supported by a scholarly article or paper and thats it for example you can search in google through the scholar part and thats it.)Suggestion to help you with the term paper: Questions that should be answered in this research paper:to what degree did human decisions/actions cause or exacerbate to a particular natural disaster?Between these two countries, which is the most disaster prone in the world: Japan or the Philippines?How should the Philippines manage natural disasters in the future? After observing that Japan are able to manage the disaster better and control the death toll and the aftermath of the disaster.What is the reason behind Japan being the most earthquake prone country?What is the reason behind Japans brilliant economic development in despite of being a nation cursed by earthquakes?To what degree the hazard are similar and to what degree the risk (vulnerability) are the same?and include more from your own as it please you

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