Discuss the social, political and economic challenges of China and Egypt may face in the future Egypt custom essay

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– Political Challenges that might be encountered in the future :
– The political challenges that might be encountered by Egypt in the future shall be related to maintaining security after the Presidential elections and restructuring the political landscape of Egypt and its relations with regional and international nations. For example, there are some possible future challenges related to its relations with Israel and whether the coming president shall resume the same political agenda of the ex-president or a more radical one. Moreover, the attitude of the coming president and his affiliation to a certain political party shall also represent a great challenge because people have to be accustomed to the new system. There are some Islamic parties with their agendas a long with liberal parties. The political position of Egypt is seen as a deteriorating one in the era of Hosni Mubarak. Therefore, this shall represent a great challenge for the new President to re-shuffle and reshape the political attitude of Egypt to return to its leading regional political role.
– Economic Challenges that might be encountered by Egypt :
– The economic position of Egypt is deteriorating as it reached 12% in 2012. The prices are very high and there are many people who are under the poverty line. Therefore, the coming years shall represent a great challenge for the coming president who shall strive hard to alleviate the suffering of the poor and pay the increasing debts of Egypt.
– The social challenges that might be encountered by Egypt :
– Due to the last few months of insecurity, turbulences and recurrent demonstrations, Egypt shall face some social challenges related to the feeling of insecurity and crimes rates are expected to increase as long as the current security condition remains inactive.

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