Discuss the state of Teaching English as a second/foreign language in Britain Custom Essay

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The topic of this essay is; Discuss the state of Teaching English as a second/foreign language in Britain. You should discuss both theory and practice and thus there should have been sufficient theoretical discussion of teaching the language involved.

Target Length: 2500 words
It is divided into:
introduction and literature review: 1000 words
the body of the essay (including conclusion): 1500 words

Both parts must be submitted through Turnitin. The doctor asked me to aim to 0 in turnitin. Moreover, if you take some phrases or sentences from some books with no quotation marks, that will not appear in turnitin but my doctor will discover it as he did with some students. So please make sure that every sentence or phrase you take it from books, you put it between quotation marks or paraphrase it. As he said, even if your percentage of turnitin is 0 you may have issues of plagiarism. Make sure about this point please

If you paraphrase some ideas from any book, you should write the number of page that you got these information. So the number of pages is not just for direct quotations but also with paraphrasing.

For the reference, it should have at least 10 academic references. For each one, you should write the pages that you used it e.g. 105-130
It must be important and well known books, journals, Current books as well.

I want you to write this assignment at the same level of non native speaker of English or better but not professional writing. That will lead him to suspect that I am not the writer of this essay. So I want a simple language and perfect search about the ideas and style.

Now I want you to write an outline, showing the ideas that you will discuss it. I want the trends that people with or against in teaching English as a Second language in Britain, strategies, approaches, how to practice.
I need these information but please do not start writing the easy.

When you send it to me, I will meet the course coordinator to get his Ok. And if he asks about more information in something else, you will do and change the outline.
Then you can start your writing.

Is that clear? hopefully my conditions clear to you.

Here are some important thing about the assignment

Literature review:
1- It is not just listing people’s names and their saying about topic.
2- It should be a discussion, debate and argument.
3- It should be a summary of most important people in this field
4- You must convince the reader that you are expert of the topic.
5- The organization would be better to be a Thematic, which is related around the topic rather than the time.
6- It is better not to use quotation marks. You must paraphrase their opinions.

For the body,
more detailed with conclusion

Do not forget to send me the outline first
It is a very important assignment , do your best please

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