discuss why ethics are important to you as a public administrator AND as a person Custom Essay

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Assignments/ Activities: Weeks 1 & 2 Content
Activities/Assignments Weeks 1 & 2 A. Message Board Assignment #1

Q1. For this initial message assignment I want you to discuss why ethics are important to you as a public administrator AND as a person; I also want you to discuss how your role as a public administrator and the many roles you play as a private citizen (husband/wife/breadwinner) are often responsible for unethical conduct.

Your posts should be based on the assigned readings from Cooper’s “ Responsible Administrator” textbook.

References to the text should be included in the text of your post, using correct APA citing format.

B. Case Briefing Assignment #1

Goldberg v. Kelly pg. 38

Mathews v. Eldridge pg. 42

Munn v. Illinois pg. 55

Week Two Reminders:

Prior to the commencement of Week Two, remember to complete your MB #1 Assignment, which entails: submitting in one MS Word document your “ main post” (which is your response to the MB #1 question(s) posed above); and at least two substantive follow up posts. Please insure that your main post is no less than 500 words in length and is supported with cited references to the text. In addition to your main post, you must also submit a minimum of (2) two follow up posts which are responses to the main posts of your classmates.

Lecture Materials Discussions

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