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A brief description of two roles that a forensic psychology professional may have when working with police administrators. Then, analyze the impact of each role on police administration, and each level of the police organization. Support your analysis with references to the Learning Resources.

“Me Tarzan, you Jane.” Most people are familiar with Tarzan, the fictional character who grew up in the jungle, created by Edward Rice Burroughs. Tarzan was raised by apes after both his parents died when he was an infant. He learned the rules of the jungle, communicated with animals, and developed physical abilities superior to other human beings. Imagine being Tarzan, and leaving the jungle’ the only world you ever knew’ to live among people with very different cultural roles and values. You, as he, would have to behave differently, speak a different language, wear different clothes, express yourself within the boundaries allowed by cultural mores, and learn new courtship rituals. People of different cultures who come together may not have the exact challenges that Tarzan did, but they, too, must understand each other’s cultural rules in order to live, work, and play together. In addition, when entering, and trying to integrate into, an existing community of another culture, people may unwittingly hold onto their own cultural styles, beliefs, and traditions. You might be able to imagine the effect this has on the existing community.

Police professionals work within such communities’ communities of different cultures and rules. They work together to enforce laws and ensure peace and safety. Police professionals learn how to do this by first attending the police academy and, then, through on-the-job training where they are provided with rules, regulations, and guidance by their administrative commanders. The safety of the community, the effectiveness of the police officers, and the relationship between the police officers and the community are all under the command of administrative officers, whether they are captains, commanders, inspectors, or other administrative supervisors. The forensic psychology professional can provide valuable assistance to police administrators in several different areas and thereby contribute to improved effectiveness. This week, you explore the roles of forensic psychology professionals in relation to police administration. Specifically, you examine their roles in providing diversity awareness, education, and training, and you consider why these roles are essential to law enforcement.

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