Discussion Essay: Abortion Should Be Illegal Essay

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“Abortion Should Be Illegal” This must be debatable research paper, which provides reasons why abortion is wrong and why it should be illegal etc… I would like you to provide me pls the steps of the research paper broken-down as follows:

1.Topic: Abortion should be Illegal.
2.What’s the research questions?
3.What’s your claim (thesis or major proposition) In another words, what is it that you will try to convince your readers of? Your claim should be your tentative answer to your research question.
4.Does your claim have a qualifier? If so what is it?
5.Brain storming about the topic/Free writting.

Part 2
1.First draft, second draft and Final draft with refferences,coverletter. Please plagiarism free. I will have to run the paper thru Turnitin. to see if plagiarism was done or not. Thanks a million!

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