Disobedience as a Psychological and Moral Problem Custom Essay

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ources George Orwell “Animal Farm” Erich Fromm “”Disobedience as a Psychological and Moral Problem”
Language English(U.S.)
Description 1) The second essay is due Tuesday November 23rd. 2) It should be a 3 page essay. 3) It should be done in MLA style 4) In this essay I want you analyze Animal Farm using the ideas from Fromm’s essay (The types of obedience, conscience, authority, what is needed to disobey, and the organization man — forget the Adam and Eve stuff, it’s not important for our purposes.) Furthermore, I want this analysis to make a relevant connection to American life and society. Identify the characters and plot actions in American character, lives, and society. Here’s an example of a thesis statement that meets the criteria I’m talking about in number four above. Boxer, Squealer, Napoleon, and the construction of the windmill relate to several ideas in Erich Fromm’s essay, and these understandings help one to understand aspects of American life and the character of Americans. 5) Each body paragraph should include quotes, paraphrases and summaries from Fromm’s essay and Animal Farm in order for the sections of the body of the essay to be developed. 6) The introduction of the essay needs to include a sentence that introduces and summarizes the main point of Fromm’s essay. This should come before the thesis statement. It tells the reader you’re going to be using Fromm’s essay to develop your thesis. 7) The introduction of the essay needs to include a sentence that introduces and summarizes Animal Farm. This is done for the very same reason stated in number 6 above.

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