Dissertation Proposal Essay

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PROPOSED DISSERTATION TITLE: “A Study of Factors Influencing Growth of Online Financial Service Provision in Saudi Arabia”. Choose 5 academic articles which appear to be relevant to the subject of above dissertation. Complete an analysis of these articles. Paraphrase them in your own words (appropriately referenced, of course) and as an integrated discussion. Discuss the key arguments and findings, describing how you think they apply to your subject and specific research questions / hypotheses, plus what the implications of these findings may be for your own research. Remember to set also aside some time for reviewing any changes that might have occurred in previous sections of your draft Proposal as a result of this week’s activities (please see attachment). Add your analysis and conclusions to Section Four of your developing dissertation Proposal and submit this to the assignment link below. Note: Please select academic articles that could be found in most of the universities’ library. Can this be assigned to the same writer who has completed order #

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