does sperm washing select the highest quality sperm ? Academic Essay

i will provide an outline of the project and some points with aims and hypothesis, please include the aims and hypothesis in the introduction as well. write the introduction regarding what you understand from the outline. And here are some points to add. Introduction points: What is male infertility Causes Diagnoses Treatment: (ICSI, IVF) In IVF many semen preparation techniques have been developed such as: Density gradient techniques. (explain) swim up Semen analysis? sperm parameters and state the definitions of abnormal sperms and motility regarding WHO for example what is asthenozoospermia little bit background of What is the principle of Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)? What is it used for? AIMS and hypothesis Overall aims: Investigate why we see more metabolites in poor sperm than good sperm. Examine how much seminal fluid contamination is in the two fractions using proInsert tubes vs Normal falcon tubes. Hypothesis: There are indications of seminal fluid contamination in poor sperm but not in good sperm. Compare characteristic between 80% (good sperm ) and 40-80% interface (poor sperm) looking specifically on motility, morphology, ATP production and vitality. Hypothesis: Good sperm have a higher mean sperm speed, more progressive motility, more normal sperm morphology, a higher ATP production and few DNA fragmentations more than poor sperm. To compare the above parameters between normozoospermic samples to asthenozospermic samples. Hypothesis: 80% pallet and 40-80% interface of normozoospermic samples will have measurements associated with high quality sperm than the comparative asthenozoospermic fraction PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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