Domestic Violence; The Public Policy Argument–Guidelines in reference to the Annotated paper you previous wrote on Domestic Violence, also using the same sources cited. custom essay

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Write an argumentative essay in which you persuade the reader to agree with the public policy decision you are advocating (DOMESTIC VIOLENCE). Imagine your reader is an average educated voter who is trying to make up his or her mind on the issue our elected or appointed officials will resolve. You should choose a controversial question or public policy that elected or appointed officials have to decide. The issue must be both public and significant. The question you should keep in mind as you research the topic is “What should our leaders do about this issue?”

For a contemporary public policy topic, your thesis should answer the question who should do what and why? Be sure the who in your thesis is a government leader or group of leaders. Examples would be President, Congress, the Governor, the NC General Assembly, Mayor, City Council–you get the idea.
For a topic focusing on a controversial decision from history, follow this pattern for your thesis: ________’s decision to _____________ was right/ wrong because?.

The Thesis Statement:
In your thesis statement, state a focused opinion in the active voice: “Congress should enact a universal health care plan for all Americans?” In the second half of your thesis, answer the question why by giving three or four logical reasons why the reader should agree with you. These reasons may be original ideas of your own based upon your research, or they may be found directly in your sources.
Note: The word “because” is the best link between your opinion and your reasons. If you don’t have the word “because” in your thesis statement, you run the risk of your thesis statement and your entire essay running off track. An example of a thesis statement is as follows: “Congress should enact universal national health insurance because too many of our citizens lack basic health care, the current health care system is out of control, and our present situation is fundamentally immoral for a great nation.”

The Body of the Essay:
In the body of the essay, be sure to focus on your reasons. They should become topic sentences in paragraphs that open major sections of your essay. Each reason should be supported by at least one paragraph of evidence, but a reason might have more than one. Support your reasons with evidence such as specific examples, statistics and the opinions of experts. Try to have a good mix of these three types throughout the essay.
One decision you will face in this paper, if you are arguing in favor of changing a law or policy, will be whether or not to explain how this change might be implemented or not. It is not always necessary to do this, but a skeptical reader might be won over if you demonstrate that you have thought about how to make this change work. Or you might want to confine your paper to simply demonstrating the need for such a program. If you think you can outline the program you are suggesting in broad terms without losing momentum or slowing the paper down, you are free to do that of course. If you are arguing that a law or policy should not be changed, this is not something you will need to worry about.
Somewhere in the body of the essay, deal with opposing arguments. Opposing arguments are the arguments of people opposed to your position. In your research, find two or three of the main arguments against your opinion and include them in your essay. Immediately after stating an opposing argument, rebut the argument. Rebut means “to present opposing evidence or arguments.” In other words, what are your answers to the arguments of people who disagree with the stand you have taken in your thesis?
? To demonstrate an understanding of the policy at hand
? To integrate and synthesize research to explain the benefits or costs of this particular policy
? To apply the conventions of standard written English and academic discourse
? To apply MLA formatting
? To apply appropriate organizational strategies
? To do research and make use of those sources in constructing your argument.

? Length: a minimum of five pages
? Sources: a minimum of five works (at least two of these should not be internet sources).
? Documentation: MLA style


Please avoid writing about abortion, gun control, legalization of marijuana, the election, assisted suicide, gay marriage or capital punishment. Thank you.

Checklist for the Writer:
1. Has your thesis answered the question “Who should do what and why?” Is your who a government leader or group of leaders?
2. Is the body of your essay organized around reasons? Does the body of your essay focus on answering why rather than what?
3. 3. In supporting your reasons, have you included a good mix of evidence?
4. Have you included two or three of the main opposing arguments? Have you effectively rebutted them?
5. Do your parenthetical citation in the text conform to the guidelines in the Little Brown Handbook or the MLA Handbook and does your Works Cited page conform to MLA guidelines?
6. Does your final draft conform to the guidelines for manuscript form?
7. Have you checked your essay thoroughly for grammar, spelling, and punctuation?

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