Dowry Deaths in India Video Summary Essay

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Please watch this video as part of your writing assignment. ( Then, write a 1 page summary and reaction to the video. Next, analyze the the video based on ONE of the theoretical perspectives Structural functionalism, Symbolic Interactionism, or Conflict. The choice is yours. Choose the perspective you are most comfortable with, and along with your notes and textbook analyze the video. Make sure your examples are clear and that your explanations are thorough. Your explanation could seal the deal for you! You must clearly justify why your example is in line with the chosen perspective. DO NOT provide examples about different perspectives. You must choose only one. In sum, you must have specific examples from the video WITH explanations of ONE of the following:
1. Functionalism
2. Symbolic Inter-actionism OR
3. Conflict perspective Your paper should total approximately 3-4 pages typed, double spaced.

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